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Motability at Croxdale Group

Motability at Croxdale Group If you receive a qualifying mobility allowance, you can use it to lease a brand-new Citroën, DS or MG car from Croxdale. We have plenty of great options – and a range of benefits are included with the Motability package.
How Does Motability Work? ● With Motability at Croxdale Group, you can exchange your qualifying disability allowance for a brand-new Citroën, DS or MG – and thus enjoy greater freedom and independence.

● Payments for your desired vehicle are made by your allowance provider, which helps to keep things nice and simple.

● With certain car models, a top up is required in the form of an Advance Payment.

● To make your order, please contact us on 01388 814671 or complete our online enquiry form.

● We’ll let you know as soon as your vehicle is available to collect – or if you prefer, you can arrange to have it delivered.
What Adaptations Are Available? If you require adaptations for your Motability vehicle of choice, please let us know when you order it.

Examples of driving adaptations include hand controls used for braking and/or acceleration, and an electronic accelerator which you may find easier to use if you have limited leg mobility.

Adaptations that assist access include a transfer plate that can be unfolded to create a bridge between you and your car seat.

In terms of stowage, a popular adaption is a car boot hoist that makes it safe and simple to load and unload a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

More adaptations are available. For further details, feel free to contact our Motability specialists by completing our Motability enquiry form or calling us on 01388 814671.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Independence Payment?


Personal Independence Payment (PIP) replaced the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in 2013. It’s a benefit that’s available to disabled people aged from 16 to 64. Full details can be found here: What is PIP?

What’s included in the Motability lease package?


  • Regular servicing and routine MOTs
  • RAC Breakdown Cover in the UK – and Europe, provided you ask the RAC for a VE103 certificate when you contact them.
  • Road Tax (Vehicle Excise Duty)


  • Vehicle modifications that you’ve agreed with us
  • Loss or damage to your vehicle, including any standard in-car equipment
  • Replacement locks (if your keys are stolen)
  • A temporary replacement vehicle if yours is damaged or stolen
  • Personal accident cover (up to £5,000)
  • Legal liabilities and loss-of-use benefit

Are electric and hybrid vehicles available on Motability?


Yes. We have approximately 15 Citroën, DS and MG electrified vehicles to choose from.

How often should I service my Motability vehicle?


This will depend on the car manufacturer’s recommendations. Details can be found in your car’s manual and service book.

Feel free to contact us if you require any aftersales advice.