Buy new, get more

There are plenty of compelling reasons for buying a brand-new vehicle – and here at Croxdale Group, we have plenty of great options. From the super-cute, ultra-efficient Citroën AMI electric city car to the highly practical, spacious and economical MG5 EV Long Range, we’re sure to have something that will suit you perfectly.

Please read on to learn about the many benefits of buying new.

Why Buy New?

There are plenty more reasons to choose a new car.

Latest design Ever noticed how older cars often look dated? Buying a brand-new Citroën, DS or MG means picking up the latest model, one that’s designed with today’s sensibilities in mind.
Latest safety and technology It’s more difficult now than it’s ever been to score a high Euro NCAP crash-test rating, which means that manufacturers have to work doubly hard to keep up. With a new vehicle, you’re benefitting from the latest safety innovations – and advanced tech that’s designed to keep you informed, connected and entertained.
Manufacturer warranty Buy new and benefit from a full-length manufacturer warranty which offers a minimum of three years protection against servicing costs, including labour and replacement parts.
No MOT for three years Think about it: zero MOT worries for 36 months – enjoy your motoring!
Fuel economy Newer petrol and diesel vehicles offer enhanced efficiencies, such as Start-Stop, which automatically cuts the engine when the car comes to a natural stop, at traffic lights for instance. In so doing, it saves the driver money on fuel in the long term – and this is without considering economical hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles and highly efficient all-electric cars.
Peace of mind – all parts brand-new Everything about a new car is fresh and new, every single fixture and fitting. For instance, components such as tyres, suspension, seatbelts, and filters have faced no use or stress, which means zero wear and tear.
Compliance with the latest emissions regulations With a new car, you’re more likely to be exempt from Clean Air Zone fees, such as the ULEZ charge. This is certainly true of all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles; the majority of hybrids and many petrol and diesel cars are exempt too.

New Cars from Croxdale Group​

We have a wide range of new cars for you to choose from. MG, DS and Citroën are distinct marques that each offer something for the discerning motorist who wants more out of their motoring experience.

Frequently asked questions​

Don’t hesitate to check out our frequently asked questions – and be sure to contact us if your particular query isn’t covered.

Can I part-exchange my old car for a new one with Croxdale Group?


Of course! As soon as you’re ready, please Value Your Vehicle online. This free and quick service will provide you with a competitive quote.

Do you provide financing on your new cars?


Most certainly. You can find details of all our new Citroën, MG and DS car (and Citroën van) offers by clicking here and selecting the brand that most interests you.

Can I book a test drive?


Please do! A member of our team will be only too happy to join you and answer any questions you might have.

I’ve seen a car on your website that I like but I’m not local – do you deliver?


Yes. As well as a Click & Collect service, we offer nationwide delivery.

Contact us If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of buying a new car, or you have some questions, feel free to get in touch with your local Croxdale dealership. Our friendly, knowledgeable specialists will be happy to talk you through cost savings for specific vehicles, or arrange for you to take a test drive.