The Benefits Learn more about the benefits of driving electric Electric and hybrid cars offer greater efficiency and cleaner motoring than their purely fuel-driven counterparts. An electric vehicle (EV), in particular, is especially affordable to run and produces zero CO2 emissions. A plug-in hybrid (PHEV) is the next most efficient option, and it produces low emissions. Meanwhile, a full hybrid/mild hybrid vehicle (FHEV/MHEV) is more cost-effective to run than a pure petrol/diesel equivalent, and it produces fewer emissions.
How to charge Discover how you can charge your electric or hybrid vehicle An EV or a PHEV features a battery that requires charging. This can be done via a domestic three-pin power source, which is the slowest option. A dedicated home charger will provide faster results, as will one of many thousands of public access points located all around the UK – and indeed, the rest of the world.

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Croxdale is an official dealership partner of Citroën, DS and MG, which means we have several terrific electric and hybrid vehicles ready for your perusal. Please click on the franchise that most appeals to you to discover its full range of electric and hybrid cars.


Have we answered all of your questions? If not, please check our FAQs below – and of course, you’re always welcome to contact our Durham team, who will be only too glad to assist you.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?


This will depend on the make, model and battery size. At the time of writing, the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, for example, costs roughly £13.50 to reach an 80-percent charge (from 20 percent-charged) using 50kW rapid charging.

How long does charging take?


Again, this will depend on the make and model of the car, its battery size and the way in which you charge it. For instance, the MG5 EV, using 50kW rapid charging, takes approximately 36 minutes to achieve an 80 percent charge (from 20 percent charge).

Are all electric cars automatic?


The vast majority of EVs are automatic (for example, no Citroën, DS or MG EVs feature manual transmission) – this is because an EV lacks a clutch, gears and a gearbox.

Are any of your electric cars available with Motability?


Absolutely. The Citroën C5 Aircross EV, the DS3 Crossback E-TENSE and the MG HS PHEV are just some of the electric and hybrid cars available through Motability at Croxdale.