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At Croxdale Citroën we understand the importance of being able to find a New Citroën that suits not just your lifestyle both at work or at play, if you have a family or passion for the outdoors - or both, a need to have the very best fuel economy, emissions that help the earth keep breathing... any or all of the above. No matter what you need to get you from A to B and the rest of the alphabet in between at Croxdale Citroën we want to help you find your ideal car at the ideal price. Browse through the offers we have currently, these offers are carefully built to be competitive but also value for money for a prospective buyer. We have numerous financial options available to suit most pockets and budgets and with impartial advise we can guide you to find the solutions that suits you best. Let us help you find the perfect car and the right price by giving us a call or make an enquiry. We promise to do our best for you.

From £169 per month
6.9% APR
From £209 per month
6.9% APR
£399 per month
£399 Deposit
From £259 Per Month
6.9% APR
From £359Per Month
6.9% APR
Free & Fast Buy my Car online. When selling or part-exchanging your Car, it is essential to know what your vehicle is worth in order to get the best price.