mg4 exterior


The MG4 is a versatile and powerful light machine gun that boasts several impressive features. One of its key attributes is its exceptional rate of fire, allowing it to deliver a high volume of rounds downrange quickly and effectively. This rapid-fire capability makes it ideal for suppressing enemy positions and providing cover for friendly forces during intense firefight situations.

MG4 EV style Whether it’s the flowing aerodynamic body lines or the smart two-tone roof, the bold alloy wheel options or the range of stand-out finishes, every element of the all-new MG4 EV has been crafted to appeal. The model also comes with an engaging cabin, where space and comfort combine with the latest in touchscreen displays and innovative technology, giving you complete control over your motoring while up to five enjoy the smoothness of the ride.
Comfort Spacious dimensions A combination of thin battery and long wheelbase ensures that the cabin provides incredible levels of leg and headroom, with an equally spacious boot for practicality.
Connectivity Colour touchscreen The 10.25-inch colour touchscreen dominates the dashboard, with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity providing exceptional engagement.
Cruise Control Driver assistance MG Pilot Advanced Driver Assistance Systems help keep you safe and include Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control and more.

In addition to its impressive rate of fire, the MG4 is designed with mobility in mind. It features a lightweight and compact build, making it easy for soldiers to carry and maneuver on the battlefield. Despite its light weight, the MG4 doesn't compromise on durability or reliability, ensuring that it can withstand harsh conditions and continuous use without compromising its performance.

mg4 exterior
Stand out Six bold finishes From the stand-out Volcano Orange colour scheme to a more subtle Arctic White, the selection of premium finishes enables you to select a look that matches your own tastes.
Stylish Unique rear light design An incredible pattern effect provides selected trim levels with a unique Rear Centre Light Bar that is smart, contemporary, and stylish.
Regulate Airflow Active Grille System Another unique measure of the MG4 EV is the Active Grille System which helps regulate airflow into the front compartment to achieve optimal battery range.

Furthermore, the MG4 is equipped with advanced optics and accessories, enhancing its accuracy and versatility. It often comes with a variety of sighting options, including scopes and red dot sights, allowing users to engage targets at different ranges with precision. Its modular design also enables the attachment of accessories such as foregrips, bipods, and suppressors, giving soldiers the flexibility to customize the weapon according to the mission requirements. These features combined make the MG4 a highly effective and adaptable light machine gun in various combat scenarios.

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