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Our MG business car leasing line offers a variety of affordably priced models that don't skimp on quality, safety, or technology amenities, whether you're driving through Durham city Centre, commuting round the north east, or driving across the nation to attend key meetings. Durham MG want to listen to and understand the needs of your company, your purchasing habits, and show you how our adaptable business financing choices might be of assistance.

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ModelRental ProfileMileage
MG4 SE £255 6+47 8,000 p.a
MG4 SE LR £379 6+47 8,000 p.a
MG4 Trophy LR £305 6+47 8,000 p.a
MG4 Trophy ER £355 6+47 8,000 p.a
MG4 XPower £339 6+47 8,000 p.a
MG5 EV Trophy £339 6+47 8,000 p.a
MG HS Phev Trophy £369 6+47 8,000 p.a
MG ZS EV SE SR £309 6+47 8,000 p.a
MG ZS EV Trophy SR £329 6+47 8,000 p.a
MG ZS SE LR £329 6+47 8,000 p.a
MG ZS Trophy LR £339 6+47 8,000 p.a

MGMFS Buiness Contract Hire (BCH)

No risk of ownership

As contract hire is a leasing agreement, customers have no risk of the vehicle falling in value. They simply pay the monthly rentals and hand the vehicle back  subject to fair wear and tear and any excess mileage.

​Tax Deductable

Contract hire sits off the balance sheet, helping a companies cashflow. And if the business  is VAT registered then they may be able to claim 50% of the tax back on the rentals and 100% against the maintenance

Servicing can be included

You can opt ot have the optional maintenance package which can cover servicing, maintenance and tyre replacement. Giving one monthly payment for the vehicle and upkeep, completely hassle free.

Flexible Terms

From 18 to 48 month agreements, 1 - 12 months in advance and mileage ranging between 5,000 and 150,000 for the contract term.

Terms & Conditions

Business users only, all rentals are plus VAT at 20% Free of charge metallic or tri-coat paint included.