Is insurance included in a van rental?

Van rental can be a valuable service for many people. Whether you’re running a business, operating as a sole trader, or simply need a vehicle with more transportation space, hiring a van is an elegant solution. You can tailor the rental period to suit your needs, thereby ensuring maximum value for money. To this end, insurance is a major consideration which can inflate the cost of renting a van. Find information on van rental insurance below.

What does van rental insurance include?

Rental vehicle insurance will typically consist of a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). This is designed to provide peace of mind to the driver by covering both damage to the van and damage you cause to another person’s vehicle. The details of the policy will vary from lender to lender so it’s worth doing some research before hiring the vehicle.

Many lenders will also offer van excess insurance. This is an option that vehicle renters can choose if they want additional coverage.Along with providing more reimbursement for the van’s excess, it will often also provide cover for areas that aren’t in the standard policy. This can include costs associated with:

  • Lost keys.
  • Filling the van with the wrong kind of fuel.
  • Damage to the roof, windscreen or tyres.
  • Towing fees following an accident.

Our van rental benefits

Many lenders, Croxdale included, will include a base level of insurance cover in the cost of their rental services. It applies whatever the length of the rental period is, as we offer a range of pricing options including four hours, 1-2 days, 3-5 days, 7 days, or a weekend.This allows us to fulfil our goal of offering rental services that are as helpful as possible.

Do note that not everyone will be covered by insurance regardless, with each lender having different exceptions based on their terms and conditions. Our exclusions apply to the following:

  • Someone who has two or more vehicle accidents in the last 3 years, or one accident that incurs more than £5000 in damages.
  • Cash rentals.
  • Racing, pace making, speed testing.
  • Someone who transports goods in return for payment (courier or delivery service).
  • Someone working in the following professions – foreign armed forces, sports professionals, gamblers, scrap merchants, unemployed.

Solutions for van rental Newcastle

The Croxdale Group offers van rental insurance solutions across a large area of the north east. This includes the places surrounding Newcastle, such as Consett, and places further to the north such as Durham. Croxdale car and van rental insurance options are tailored to the vehicle, your time requirements, and the weather conditions at the time. This way our team ensures you are paying for an insurance policy that works for you. You can contact us ahead of time at your local Croxdale dealership to discuss your van insurance options.