Main dealer servicing without the cost Once you’ve found the ideal new or used car for you, it’s essential that you invest wisely in maintaining its condition. After all, keeping your vehicle in prime condition is not only essential for your enjoyment of the car, but also its safety and resale value. Through Citroën servicing with Croxdale Group, you can benefit from main dealer servicing at a cost that is affordable. With our state-of-the-art workshop, genuine manufacturer parts and accessories, and talented technicians all available, we’re able to undertake a full selection of servicing needs to help you keep your vehicle running at its best. Ready to Book?
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First-class facilities: With a workshop featuring all the tools, equipment and service bays for any demand, we will be able to look after your vehicle and return it as new.
Experienced technicians: Our technicians are all trained and assessed to ensure they meet our exacting standards and have many years’ experience in working on Citroën cars.
Genuine parts: We only ever use those parts and accessories that are approved by Citroën itself, thereby ensuring quality and reliability for any component you need.
Affordable pricing: We’re dedicated to providing the best possible value for money, with service plans and affordable pricing helping lower the costs of servicing.
A range of servicing: From major services to minor health checks, we’ll be able to carry out an extensive range of vehicle servicing requirements.
Quick and convenient: It’s our aim to have your vehicle back with you and road ready as quickly as possible, meaning you’ll never be without a vehicle for long.