What is a Luton van?

If you’re looking for a van rental to move house or transport heavy goods, a Luton van is definitely worth considering. They have a very distinctive look and are a common feature on UK roads. So, even if you think you don’t know what one is, you probably do without necessarily knowing that you do. In this guide, we’ll be exploring exactly what a Luton van is, so you can decide whether it is right for your needs.

History of a Luton van

The original design for Luton vans came from Bedfordshire with the intention of maximising space to carry low density goods. It has a box-shaped body that extends all the way forward to over the driver’s cab. It is this part of the van, resting on top of the cab that is known as the Luton, or ‘kick’. Many Luton vans today still maintain the initial design, although the body has been adapted to minimise wind resistance. Some even have a wind deflector on the top of the cab.

What are the features of a Luton van?

One of the most distinguishable features of a Luton van is the peaked front over the driver’s cab. This feature is very useful for creating extra space in the van or potentially be converted into a sleeping area for long distance travel. However, that is more likely to be found in a truck with a Luton body rather than a van. These vans are about as big as a van can get, typically based on a 3.5 tonne large van.

Most Luton vans normally have a tail lift fitted as a standard, which is not surprising given that they are often used for carrying large, heavy, and tricky to lift items. Tail lifts can come with various differentweight lifting capacities, so when finding a Lutonvan for rental, make sure you choose one with suitable capabilities for your requirements.

Dimensions of a Luton van

Luton vans can come in several different dimensions, the exact ones for each van will depend on what donor vehicle it is. The most popular types of Luton van include the Ford Transit Luton, the Iveco Daily Luton, and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Luton. Each one will have different dimensions, so be sure to check the specific model of Luton van you’re interested in to confirm. However, as a general guide when it comes to how much you can fit inside a Luton van. They have a load height of 2200mm, load length of 4000mm, and load width of 2000mm.

In addition, the differences in height across the various models can be quite similar. For example, the height of a Ford Transit Luton is around 3200mm. A 3.5 tonne Luton with a long wheel base has a capacity of 650 cubic feet. This will allow for roughly 40-50 boxes of items if you’re using the van for a house move. How much you can fit into these vans is very impressive, which is why they are a popular choice for removals.

Why rent a Luton van?

As previously mentioned, Luton vans are a commonly used in the removals industry. It’s shape, size, and capacity make it the perfect choice for those looking to transport a large amount of heavy goods. The body is big enough to easily accommodate items like boxes, appliances, and home or office furniture all in one go. As a result, you can save a lot of time, money, and energy by making less trips back and forth to get all of your belongings moved to the new location. Also, the tall shape of this type of van means you won’t need to take apart any furniture ahead of transportation, unless they are particularly big pieces.

In addition, Luton vans are ideal for people who want to save some money on hiring a removals company and don’t mind transporting their own belongings. By renting a Luton van, you can get the job done at your own pace, without feeling the pressure of rushing and being on the clock of the removals company. And with the tail lift, you won’t have to worry about injuring yourself trying to get heavy items into the van.


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