What are DVLA check codes?

DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) check codes are time sensitive codes provided through the GOV.uk website. They first came about in 2015 when the green paper counterpart to the DVLA driving license was made obsolete. The DVLA check codes now perform the same function this document used to, along with other functions that are important for renting a car or van. Continue reading for all relevant information on what DVLA check codes are and what they are used for.

Why do I need a DVLA check code?

By using a DVLA check code, you can gain access to the DVLA database. This is necessary when you need to view information that relates to your driving license, including:

  • Any penalty points or disqualifications you have.
  • Which vehicles you are able to drive, along with other information on your driving record.

A DVLA check code can also be essential to renting a car or vehicle, as it allows the holder of a driving license to share your driving record with third parties. Many vehicle dealerships will request to view your license information so they can perform standard background checks before approving the rental.To do this, send the code along with the last eight characters of your driving license number to the party.

How to get DVLA check codes

A DVLA check code is easily accessible through the Gov.uk website. To get access to a code, follow this step-by-step process:

  • Click the green ‘Start now’ button.
  • Find your DVLA driving license and enter your license number, National Insurance number, and the postcode listed on the license.
  • After entering this information, you should immediately be taken to a page containing a summary of the details of your records.
  • Find the tab labelled ‘Get a Code’ and click the green button.
  • A code should appear on screen, which you can then use to share your driving record with whoever you choose.

The code should appear as a sequence of 8 characters in groups of two. There will be a mixture of numbers and letters of both higher and lower case. Each code can only be used once and is valid for 21 days. However, individuals can have up to 15 different codes active at any one time. Rental dealerships often ask for a code at the point of enquiry and then again just before the rental period is due to start. This is so they can view the most up-to-date version of an individual’s driving record.

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