Summer Tyre Changeover Month

April is the perfect time to changeover your tyres. Find out why...

Differences Between Winter and Summer Tyres

April is Summer Tyre Changeover Month and its important to us that our customers are aware of why this is such an important change.

There are numerous differences between Summer and Winter tyres, however there are 3 key differences, the rubber compound and structure as well as the tread design.

Summer Tyres have a much smoother surface as well as fewer grooves in the tyres and specific tread bars which are designed to help reduce the risk of aquaplaning, alongside providing an increased amount of grip both on wet and dry roads in warmer temperatures.

Like Summer Tyres, Winter Tyres have thousands of small grooves and a deeper tread pattern, which are designed to disperse water and prevent aquaplaning, as well as providing additional grip in harsh weather conditions such as snow, slush and ice.

The compound of the Tyre also differs between Winter and Summer. There is a higher percentage of natural rubber in Winter Tyres, meaning they are harder and much more resistant to softening in warmer conditions, providing less friction which contributes to better fuel efficiency.

Benefits Of Changing To Summer Tyres

Similar to all Tyre Types, Summer Tyres are specifically designed with a combination of design and compound alongside providing high performance, aquaplaning resistance and shorter braking distances for when temperatures increase to 7°C and higher.

Ensuring that you have the correct tyres on your car in relation to the season provides many benefits.

The main benefit being the improvement in control and braking distance.

They provide:

  • An increase in agility and responsiveness, meaning more responsive steering
  • Greater handling capabilities
  • An increase in resistance to aquaplaning
  • More Fuel Efficiency, meaning a reduction in noise as a result of decreased rolling resistance
  • In summer conditions, a reduction in braking distances

Ready to change your tyres?

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