In some instances, like business trips or big events, you might need to rent multiple vehicles to meet your needs. However, when looking at cars for rental, there are some factors you’ll want to consider. In this guide we’ll be exploring some top tips for renting more than one vehicle, so you know how to ensure any terms and conditions are met and make the rental experience as smooth as possible.

Understand company policy and rules

The rental company you choose for your vehicles will likely have terms and conditions for renting the cars that you will need to adhere to. This is more important with multiple vehicles as there is more risk in the company renting them to you. So, you should familiarise yourself with your agreement as much as possible and make sure everyone who is using the vehicles uses it carefully, safely, and in accordance with the terms of use.

For example, there could be a maximum number of miles allowed and you should check the fuel policy, late return fee, cancellation policy, additional driver fee, as well as any other extra services. Anyone who will be driving the vehicles you’re renting, no matter how many there are, should be aware of this information, or you could end up being liable to unexpected charges if the terms aren’t met.

In addition, if you’re renting the vehicles for business use, it might be that your business has a preferred company they use. Before renting you should check with your boss and confirm any company policy and rules the business has for car rentals.

Compare prices and look for deals

Even though it is not recommended to choose a rental company based solely on the cheapest price and no other factors, you should still shop around to try and find a good deal. It could be that there are companies that have special offers, discounts, or promotions on multiple vehicle rentals. This could be highly beneficial as hiring several vehicles will be more costly than hiring one, so if there are discounts you can take advantage of to make the process more affordable, it’s certainly worth researching.

Choosing the right vehicles

Do all the vehicles you’re renting need to be the same size, make, or model? Are they going to be carrying passengers or do you need vans for transporting products or materials? You’ll need to carefully consider what each vehicle you’re renting is going to be used for. This will help to ensure that you get value for money, and you get the right vehicles to suit your uses. For example, if your business is renting the vehicles for a work trip, you’ll need to make sure you choose vehicles that have enough seats for all the people you’re taking, potentially space for luggage if it’s an overnight trip etc. Take your time and make sure that you have all the vehicle information you need before you start shopping around at prices and deals available.

Obtain the right insurance

When renting a car, you will typically get some type of insurance cover included in the price, most likely third party. It’s important to know what the insurance will cover, especially with multiple vehicles as it could be you have more than one driver for each vehicle. Therefore, you need to be confident that the insurance that is offered with your vehicles will full suit your needs when hiring more than one car or van.

Inspect the vehicles before and after rental

With multiple vehicles, it’s more important than ever to check for dents, scratches, or other potential flaws before you drive them away. This is because if one car has damage before you use it, you or the person driving that vehicle could be blamed and incur an extra charge.

It’s easy to get distracted and overlook things when you’re dealing with several vehicles and you just want to get them to where they need to be, but checking each one has everything it needs and is in good condition could save you problems when returning them. Also, when returning the vehicles, you should inspect them again to make sure they have been properly maintained by everyone in your group who has used them. Ask for a receipt or some form of confirmation that all the vehicles are in good condition from the company once you have taken them back.


Hopefully these tips will help you for your multiple vehicle rental. Renting more than one vehicle isn’t massively different to hiring just one, but it requires more attention to detail and making sure all the requirements are met from the rental company’s policies to insurance etc. If you’re looking for multiple van or car hire in Consett, Croxdale Group can help. We have flexi car hire to suit your exact needs, no matter how long you need the vehicles for. Book online today and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.