New MG HS​ - Coming Soon...

Exciting Reveal: The New MG HS at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Get ready for a thrilling debut as the highly anticipated new MG HS makes its grand entrance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 11th July 2024. This iconic event, known for showcasing the best in automotive innovation and performance, is the perfect stage for MG to unveil its latest masterpiece.

The new MG HS promises to blend cutting-edge technology with sophisticated design, setting a new standard in the competitive SUV market. With its sleek lines, advanced features, and robust performance, the MG HS is designed to appeal to both enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

Key highlights of the new MG HS include:

  • Striking Design:** An elegant exterior that combines modern aesthetics with classic MG styling cues.
  • Advanced Technology:** State-of-the-art infotainment and safety systems ensuring a connected and secure driving experience.
  • Powerful Performance:** A range of efficient engines and hybrid options providing dynamic and responsive driving.

Be sure to stay tuned for live updates from the Goodwood Festival of Speed as MG lifts the curtain on what promises to be a game-changing addition to their lineup. Join us in celebrating this exciting moment in automotive history and discover why the new MG HS is set to turn heads and win hearts.

Mark your calendars for 11th July and get ready to be amazed by the new MG HS!

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