How to look after and maintain your rental van

There can be reasons for renting a van, some planned and some completely unplanned. For instance, moving house and experiencing a break down between jobs respectively. The purpose of your rental can also impact how much stress the vehicle is put under. Regardless of why you are in need of a van rental, proper maintenance during the lease period can be important for a number of reasons we’ll talk about later. This article contains top tips of maintaining and look after a van for hire.

Why maintain a rental van?

You might be thinking, ‘I’ve rented this vehicle, shouldn’t I get to make full use ofit?.While this sentiment is true to some extent, damage sustained to rental vanscan create issues when they get returned.Each lender will have slightly different policies when it comes to the quality of the vehicles returned. However, there are some generally accepted rules for ensuring quality van maintenance. These are:

  • The vehicle should be road safe when the van is returned it should be completely functional and be able to pass its MOT.
  • The vehicle should be cleanessentially, you should return the van in the same condition which you rented it in. This means ensuring the interior and exterior are clean.
  • The vehicle should be to manufacturer standards –this is the condition that the van should be provided in. As such, maintenance recommendations will likely be given based on these standards, which will vary depending on the make and model of the van.

Tips for maintaining your rental van

Check below for our expert tips on looking after and maintaining vans, as chosen by our expert engineers and technicians. The Croxdale Group offers comprehensive aftersales servicesto repair and maintainboth cars and vans of a range of brands. As such, we know a thing or two about proper maintenance practices.

Read the manual

The van’s vehicle manual will provide many unique insights about the vehicle, such as maximum load weight, unfavourable surface conditions, and more. Every van is different, so even if you have experience in usingvans, there could still be unique maintenance factors associated with a certain make and model.

Check under the bonnet

Regular checks are recommended for all vehicles to ensure vital fluids are topped up. This includes coolant, oil, and wiper fluid. Driving with very low oil levels can cause engine damage.

Inspect key areas

There are certain parts of a van which are more likely to see wear and tear from use. These should therefore receive extra attention when cleaning to guarantee the functionality of the van remains the same and that it gets returned in a good condition. These areas include:

  • Wheels (tires and caps).
  • Bodywork.
  • Bumpers.
  • Windscreen wipers.
  • Wing mirrors.
  • Upholstery.

Drive safely

It almost goes without saying that driving in a safe manner will increase the longevity of the vehicle and reduce the risk of it sustaining damage.

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