Hiring a vehicle to support your commercial operations can be vital for the business’s success. Vans for hire in particular, offer a cost-effective solution for transporting business assets. Read below for tips on hiring a van for your business.

The benefits of hiring a van

Compared to hiring a van for personal use, commercial van renting is far cheaper. Firstly, fixed payments ensure there aren’t any hidden charges involved in the contract. These payments are also tax deductible, so you can claim between 50-100% of any VAT depending on the contract. Lastly, an advantage of renting a van instead of buying is that it will not depreciate in value. The provider will simply accept the return of the vehiclewhen the agreed period comes to an end.All of these aspects make hiring vans budget friendly from a business perspective.

Another benefit is flexibility. There can be many reasons for business owners to require van rental services. Depending on the nature of your business or the changes its undergoing, you may needvan hire daily or monthly due to the following:

  • Relocating equipment, materials and/or tools
  • To facilitate off-site projects
  • To provide delivery services
  • Improve inventory management
  • Support seasonal increases in business
  • In the event of an emergency

How to hire a van for my business

When using a fleet of vans as a business, hired or not, you will need to comply with various safety regulations. This includes the Work-Related Road Risk initiative and Fleet operator Recognition Scheme, along with the relevant accreditations. Hiring a van for commercial use can then be done on either a short-term, long-term, or flexible contract. In the case of a long-term contract, businesses can benefit from discounts and the ability to make the payment at a later date.On the other hand, short-term hiring can be a way to more modern vans.

Flexible van hire contracts are the most ideal for businesses though, as it enables fleet operators to adapt to changing market conditions. When demand increases, businesses can scale their number of vans accordingly. When demand drops, vehicles can be returned without penalty.

Many lenders will offer maintenance and repair packagesalongside commercial vehicle leases. At Croxdale, our flexi van hire agreements include manufacturer breakdown cover so your fleet can reliably meet your business needs.Browse our range of vans for hire, all of which have different storage space, load specifications, appearance, fuel tank size and engine capacity.

Commercial van hire Durham area

The Croxdale Group has vans to haul all kinds of cargo. Whether you need a van to complete a one-off project or multiple vans to expand your established fleet, we are here to support your business. When you contact us, a member of our friendly team will be happy to discuss what kind of van hire contract will be best for you.