Do You Need A Credit Card To Hire A Car?

Hiring a car can offer a lot of freedom, whether you’re travelling to a new city and need to get around, or you require a vehicle temporarily whilst your car is having work done. However, you might be wondering about the process for hiring a car and the requirements for you to do it successfully. A common question when it comes to car hire is if you need a credit card or if you can pay using a debit card. In this guide, we’ll be answering this question and providing the full context to ensure you have all the information you need to meet care hire terms.

Can you hire a car without a credit card?

In most cases, you will be able to hire a car if you don’t have a credit card, as the majority of car hire companies will accept debit cards. However, you might come across certain companies that only accept credit cards as a form of payment for a vehicle hire. If you’re looking for car hire near Durham, be sure to use Croxdale Group. We offer flexible hiring options that suit your exact needs and accept either credit or debit cards depending on your preference.

Why do some companies require a credit card for car hire?

In several countries, companies can ask car renters to pay with a credit card as it provides the company with extra security. This is because if the car is in an accident whilst it is being hired, it might cost the company more than the deposit or charge for hiring the car. Additionally, if a rental driver incurs a speeding ticket, parking fine, or other penalty, it might take a long time before this reaches the company.

If the renter is using a debit card for the car hire, it could be that there isn’t enough money in the attached bank account to cover the full costs. However, with a credit card, the company can feel more confident that in situations where there are extra charges, they can receive the entire amount needed (as long as the credit limit on the card isn’t exceeded).

Types of card you can use to hire a car

Mastercard and Visa credit or debit cards are the most commonly accepted payment methods accepted by rental companies in the UK. Oftentimes the main criteria for the card, if there is no requirement for it to be a credit card specifically, is that it is in the name of the main driver renting the vehicle. This is because it is the main driver who is signing the agreement and therefore legally responsible for the car, during the time it is in their possession. Check the terms and conditions of your chosen car rental company to feel confident in the payment terms for their car hire service.


To answer the main question of this blog, no, for the majority of car hir companies including Croxdale Group, you don’t need a credit card to hire a car. A debit card will be acceptable, as long as the card is in the name of the main driver hiring the vehicle.

At Croxdale, we pride ourselves on offering a service that can be tailored to perfectly suit your needs. That’s why we offer flexi car hire and daily car hire, so no matter how long or short the time is that you need a car hire. You can feel assured that you can access a car at an affordable price with outstanding customer service. Book your car hire online today and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.