Nowadays, the proportion of electric cars on the market is higher than ever before and it only promises to increase. As a result, those looking for a hire car are likely to encounterelectric vehicles along the options.While manual cars are still the norm in the UK, it’s important to be aware of the rental process automatics. Namely, do dealerships consider the type of license held by the driver when renting out an automatic car?

This blog is intended to provide information for manual drivers that are interested in renting automatic cars.

Benefits of hiring an automatic hire car

For those that haven’t driven an automatic car before, it is defined as a vehicle with automatic clutch control. As a result, automatic vehicles do not have a clutch pedal. Where a manual car requires the pressing of the clutch pedal toprogress through the gears, an automatic transmission carwill change gears when the engine reaches a certain number of revolutions per minute.

The main strength of an automatic transmission car for rental is that it’s more practical. People often hire a car when they’re travelling in an unfamiliar area. Here, driving without the need to manually change gear can be helpful for focusing on navigation.An automatic car can also be essential for those with physical disabilities or drivers suffering from leg pain.

Rental cars with automatic transmissions come in all kinds of makes and models. The Croxdale Group stocks a wide range of cars for hire, including Citroen, MG, DS and more. This means you aren’t sacrificing choice by choosing to hire an automatic.

Requirements to rent an automatic car

Renting an automatic car follows a very similarprocess to hiring a manual car. This includes all the typical requirementssuch as possessing a valid UK driving license,being above the minimum age, and having a credit or debit card. When it comes to the license, dealers will check what type you possess to ascertain what vehicles you can legally drive. It should be noted that most electric cars are classed as automatic transmissions. Therefore, those with automatic licenses have access to electric hire cars.

A manual license entitles the driver to drive both manual and automatic rental cars.

Flexible car rental Durham

The Croxdale Group has an extensive history that goes back far before electric cars were developed. Fortunately, we’re constantly updating our stock to give you a variety of options for daily and flexi car hire. Contact us to begin the simple process of setting up a short- or long-term rental contract. Whether you need temporary transport for a big holiday, a work commitment, or an emergency, we’re here to help.