When choosing a rental car, it’s important to make sure that it is suited to your needs.It sounds obvious but this will ensure you’re getting a full return on your investment.If you’re renting as someone who hasn’t driven for a long time, or you’re hiring a type of car you’re not familiar with, choosing the right hire car can be difficult.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this quick guide so you can pick the best hire car for rural driving.

Differences in rural and urban driving

A common reason for people to take an interest in hire cars is to allow them to travel to remote areas more easily. This often leads to the transition from an urban setting to a rural one. It’s recommended that drivers planning to spend a significant amount of time in this rural setting hire a car that’s designed for the environment, rather than the journey.

Theconditionsfaced by rural drivers can differ dramatically from those found in urban areas. Generally speaking, a lack of regular maintenance means rural roads are more taxing on a vehicle’s wheels and suspension. It could also be more difficult to navigate on these roads due to less signage.There may be additional considerations depending on the locations and the time of year. For example, an area with steep inclines warrants a car with sufficient torque.

Our recommendations for rural hire cars

Rural driving can be a highly enjoyable experience, as you’re cruising through greenery and quiet scenery. However, this can be compromised if you don’t have a car that can handle the conditions. It can also be dangerous as there is an increased risk of accident.We recommend cars with the following features for the best rural driving experience:

  • Commanding view of the road to see around blind corners and over tall hedges.
  • All terrain capabilitiesto ensure car performance remains high.
  • Large boot storage to allow for the transportation of luggage and equipment.
  • Modern satnav systemthat enables navigation when the signal is poor.

The Croxdale Group has a large variety of vehicles available for daily car hire, many of which perform well in rural environments. Of these, our MG ZS and MG HS models provide the perfect balance of comfort and excitement. Our rental range also includes a range of SUVs from Citroen and DS. We recommend the Citroen C5 Aircross and DS 7 Crossbackfor rural driving respectively.

Rural car hire in Durham

At the Croxdale Group, we’re committed to providing a flexible and reliable car hire service to those local to the North East. We understand the area and where you might want to go for a rural getaway so we can provide expert advice. For instance, those looking for car hire Consett are likely to be heading to the nearby North Pennines.We’ll give you a free vehicle valuationthat takes into account the nature of the environment you’ll be driving in. Contact us today to make your trip a reality. Our expertise in the field of car and van hire allows us to offer the most suitable vehicle for your needs.