MOT testing available at DS Store Durham

If your DS is more than three years old, it must be MOT tested on an annual basis. An MOT checks a vehicle’s roadworthiness and safety credentials, and any car that fails its MOT should not be driven until all issues have been resolved.

Happily, we’re an official DS service provider, and our wide-ranging aftersales remit includes MOT testing. This means that our Manufacturer Approved technicians are authorised to carry out MOTs on all DS models.

Whenever we conduct an MOT test, we look at an array of vehicular aspects, including brakes, steering, exhaust emissions (where applicable), lights and seatbelts.

Should your DS fail its MOT, we’ll let you know what needs fixing – and if repairs are carried out within 10 days of the original test, we’ll retest it for free.

If it’s time for your DS to receive its next MOT, please get in touch with us today to make your appointment.

How does an MOT work?

An MOT tests a range of vehicular parts to discern overall roadworthiness and safety. If successful, you’ll receive an MOT certificate that’s valid for 12 months. If unsuccessful, your DS will need to be re-tested following the necessary repairs.

How can I help my car pass its MOT?

It’s estimated that 1.5 million cars fail their MOT each year. To stand the best possible chance of success, please consult and action our checklist below.

  1. Headlights and indicators
    Check to see that each of your car’s exterior lights works properly.
  2. Brake lights
    While you apply brake pressure, ask a friend to keep an eye on your brake lights to see if they’re functioning correctly. If you’re alone, a carefully positioned reflective surface will allow you to step on the brake pedal while observing the brake lights.
  3. Number plates
    Dirty and/or illegible number plates will likely result in MOT failure. It’s also worth checking that the plates’ font and letter spacings are in accordance with legal requirements.
  4. Wheels and tyres
    Inspect all wheels and tyres for damage, and check that each tyre has a minimum legal 1.6mm tread depth (3mm, ideally). Remember, we’re here to offer any advice if you need it.
  5. Seats and seatbelts
    The driver’s seat should adjust in accordance with your DS’ handbook. With each seatbelt, check the entire length for damage – and test by pulling tightly. This should give you some idea of how they’d work if you ever needed to slam on the brakes.
  6. Windscreen
    From the inside, closely inspect the windscreen. If you see any damage that measures 40mm or more, repairs/replacement will be necessary. The same applies to damage within the sweep of the driver’s-side wiper that measures 10mm or more.
  7. Windscreen wipers
    Carefully inspect each wiper to ensure there are no tears or holes, and check that both wipers function correctly.
  8. Screenwash
    Something as simple as an empty screenwash container could cause a failed MOT.
  9. Horn
    Test the horn. Is it working? If not, please contact us so that we can repair or replace it.
  10. Fuel and engine oil
    Your DS needs to have sufficient levels of fuel and engine oil before its MOT. If you require advice about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Please consult our most frequently asked MOT questions. If you have a query that isn’t covered, please get in touch with the Croxdale DS service team.

Is an MOT necessary?


Yes. In fact, it’s a legal requirement for any vehicle aged three years or more – and MOTs must be carried out annually. If you drive a car without a valid MOT certificate, you’re breaking the law. You’re also putting yourself, your fellow passengers and other motorists at risk.

How long does an MOT take?


Between 45 and 60 minutes.

What should I do if my MOT has expired?


If this is the case, please contact us to make your MOT appointment as soon as possible.

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