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With this in mind, we’re here to break down the types of finance solutions that we offer, outlining the advantages and considerations for each.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. When you come to make your financing choice, we want you to do so with utmost confidence.

Hire Purchase (HP) – what is it?

If you’d like to own your next DS outright, HP is the perfect option. After paying an initial deposit, you’ll make fixed monthly payments for the agreed term of the contract. At the end of the agreement, you are the owner of the vehicle. HP is flexible, and typically incurs less interest than Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

Do bear in mind that with HP, monthly payments are usually higher than they would be with other packages, Personal Contract Purchase, and you won’t have the option to upgrade your car at the end of the contract.​

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) – what is it?

PCH is the most cost-effective way to lease a car, with maintenance costs often included as part of your contract. You’ll pay an initial deposit followed by fixed monthly rental instalments, and at the end of the contract, you simply hand your keys back and walk away. This is a flexible option if you have no interest in owning your car or worrying about depreciation.

If you choose PCH, you’ll need to be aware that it offer less flexibility than PCP in terms of upgrading your DS or ending the agreement early. You are also not the owner of the vehicle, and will be liable for extra costs if the agreed mileage limit is exceeded. There is also no option to buy at the end of the agreement.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – what is it?

PCP is popular with those searching for a way to drive a DS affordably. This package only requires you to pay of the depreciation of the vehicle (rather than its full value), which means low monthly payments and flexibility when it comes to your deposit and monthly instalment amounts. At the end of the contract you can part-exchange the vehicle and upgrade to a newer model or buy outright with a balloon payment.

Choosing PCP means you are not the owner of your vehicle, and will have to pay for any damage or excess mileage incurred during the contract. It’s also a more expensive option than HP if you ultimately buy the car outright.

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