Celebrating Croxdale's successful year and upcoming events

On Friday 26th July, we held our first Croxdale Business Review for staff members from all areas of our business to celebrate the successes of the past year and a look forward to the exciting year ahead.

Staff were welcomed at the event by Managing Director Anthony Rockingham, and were presented a top line overview of the company finances to show the progress of the business.

The managing director was also delighted to hand out well deserved awards to 'Star' individuals and team awards.

Important information about the brand new DS Store and Citroen Showroom refurbishment was given.

Updates from the individual departments were also welcomed, showcasing the fantastic results for the past year from our valued team members from Croxdale Citroen, Croxdale Mitsubishi, Croxdale Subaru and Croxdale Car Store.

This first ever business review was received positively by all staff who found the evening informative as well as a great chance to socialise with one another.

Bringing together all our departments builds on team morale and ensures all of us are working on the same page to provide the best possible service, products and experience to our customers. As Henry Ford famously said:

Coming Together Is A beginning

Keeping Together Is Progress

Working Together Is Success

Business Review
Business Review
Business Review
Business Review