In November 2019 Mitsubishi Motors UK announced a collaboration with OVO Energy, the UK’s largest independent energy supplier. The new partnership supports OVO’s sustainability strategy, Plan Zero, helping you cut carbon emissions.

On February 1 that collaboration comes together to entice Outlander PHEV drivers with a striking new offer designed for more responsible motoring.

10,000 Free Green Miles’ means drivers of new Outlander PHEVs, ordered and registered between February 1 and March 31, will be able to utilise 10,000 miles of green electricity on which to run your car, bringing you on a journey to zero-carbon living.

What’s more, sign up to the OVO ‘EV Everywhere’ bundle to qualify for an OVO Smart Charger or two-year subscription to the Polar Plus charging network - so you'll have the means of getting that green energy into your new Outlander PHEV quickly and easily, even if you don’t have off-street parking.

This offer is in addition to most of our other offers, including subsidised finance, scrappage, SVL and Local Business Programme, unless stated otherwise. Attachment 1 shows eligible sales types and retail offers.

Any retail, fleet or business customer ordering and registering a new Outlander PHEV between 1 February and 31 March 2020 are eligible for the offer.

All you need to do is visit the OVO Energy ’10,000 Free Green Miles’ webpage and take out a standard two-year subscription to OVO Energy’s EV Everywhere Tariff and Mitsubishi Motors in the UK will credit your account the cost of charging their car for 10,000 free green miles.

The offer is calculated using our published Electric Energy Consumption (weighted combined) figure of 3.68m/kWh, which for 10,000 miles equates to 2,717kWh of energy. Using OVO Energy’s tariff of 17.55p/kWh (tariffs vary according to region, but the offer utilises OVO’s most expensive at the time the offer terms were set) equates to approximately £480. Customers’ OVO Energy accounts are credited with monthly payments of £20 over 24 months.

The offer applies to your domestic electricity only and cannot be applied to any commercial or business electrical supply.

How Do I Register for the Offer?

Eligible Outlander PHEV drivers should visit the dedicated offer page on the OVO Energy website to register for the offer.

Register Here

Programme Eligibility

The following are eligible for the offer; All cash, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Hire Purchase (HP), Personal Contract Hire (PCH), Business Contract Hire (BCH), SVL, Local Business Programme and Salary Sacrifice Scheme customers who live in mainland England, mainland Scotland and all of Wales. Attachment 1 shows the full list of eligible sales types.

The following do not qualify: Motability, Mitsubishi Motors in the UK employees, dealership staff, England Rugby (RFU) employees, Scotland Rugby (SRU) employees and residents of the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Scottish Islands. Demonstrator, courtesy, pre-registered and rental cars are also not eligible.

Ineligible: Those using VINs more than once, or VINs from a noneligible vehicle, will not be able to register.