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How it works
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See below for some of our most commonly asked questions. If your query isn’t covered, please contact us.

Buying Online

I would like to amend or cancel my order


If you have questions about amendments or cancellations, please contact our sales team who will help you in any way they can. You can also check out our Terms & Conditions.

How secure is your online deposit process?


Security is of paramount importance. We only use a verified, secure payment provider that uses software encryption to keep your details safe. We never hold onto personal card information.

Can I amend my delivery and collection day after I have placed my order?


Situations change. We know this. So, speak to use to amend your delivery or collection day.


How do I get my finance settlement?


Contact our sales team for information about your finance settlement. We prioritise customer care and will happily answer all your questions.

I have some questions regarding financing my purchase who should I speak to?


Finance solutions make it easier to get behind the wheel of your chosen model. If you’ve a question about the financing process, please call or email our sales team today.

Part Exchange

Can I use my part exchange as my deposit for my car purchase?


Yes, you can use your part exchange as all or part of your deposit towards your car purchase. However, if there is outstanding finance on your part exchange this will have to be settled by us as part

Once you have a part-exchange valuation, this can be put towards a deposit. If you have outstanding finance on your existing vehicle, this must be settled as part of the transaction. The remaining balance will then go towards your Approved Used deposit.

What happens if my part exchange is worth more than the car I want to purchase?


If you find that your part-exchange is worth more than the car you want to purchase, we will happily give you back the difference once your next car has been delivered. If there’s outstanding finance on your part-exchange vehicle, this might affect the returned balance as it will be taken off the sum.

Is the valuation you give me for my part exchange guaranteed?


The valuation we provide depends on the information you give us about your existing vehicle and the questions you answer. So long as this is all accurate and you’ve read the part-exchange terms and conditions, your valuation should be guaranteed.

Can I remove my part exchange from my order at any time?


Yes of course. If the value of your part-exchange was put towards a deposit, please be aware that new calculations will need to be made minus the part-exchange value.

Can I part exchange two vehicles as part of my order?


Yes. So long as you’re the owner of both vehicles or have permission to put the value of a vehicle towards an Approved Used car purchase.